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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Spring may have finally arrived on the prairie. Please pay close attention to the weather forecasts. If the weather cooperates, we have a GO for launch on Saturday and Sunday April 7th and 8th from the North Site. Expect the range and waiver (20,000’ AGL) to be operational from 9 AM until 5 PM on Saturday and 9 AM till 3 PM on Sunday. Please advise ASAP if a “window” will be required for any flights.

    This launch opportunity is designated a Tripoli Research launch. Note that all NAR members are now welcome to attend Tripoli Research launches; you are no longer required to join TRA to attend and may fly commercial motors (up to your certification level) with proof of current NAR membership. All flyers must be ready to verify current membership status.

    NCR is an Authorized Permitee of the Pawnee National Grassland. A morning orientation briefing for participants will be held and will include a discussion of safety and emergency procedures, fire conditions and instruction, applicable rules and regulations, and what is expected of participants with regards to the use of NFS lands under our special use permit.

    Please note that all launch events will be conducted using nationally approved/accepted range safety practices. The launching of rockets on NFS land is normally prohibited under a Forest Service Region 2 fire regulation. The issuance of NCR’s permit allows launches to take place by exempting the Holder from that regulation for approved launch events only. All launches, other than those conducted by the Holder during approved launch events, are outside the scope of this permit and are prohibited by Forest Service regulations.

    As always, volunteers are needed to help with range set up, operation and clean up.

    Hope to see you out on the range.

    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Members and Friends,
    NO GO for SUNDAY. Springtime in the Rockies. Our weekend weather forecast has not improved but the NOTAM has been called in. Given wind predictions and the accuracy of forecasting, please understand Sunday’s launch attempts are being scrubbed, blown out, and cancelled. We are still GO FOR SATURDAY. Expect cold and wet and cloudy conditions early on, improving slightly towards noon and deteriorating again in the afternoon.
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    Hope to see you out on the range.

    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Dubious start Saturday morning. A good three to four inches of moisture on the ground, heavy cloud cover and only about 20 degrees. But incredibly, a fair number of folks believing conditions would improve. Lots of time standing around, reviewing options and discussing a little bit of everything before we started to unload the trailer and get the range set up. By 11:30, we we’re flying high into clear skies and with slightly warmer temps. 20 different flyers launched a total of 40 flights ( 16 Class One, 24 Class Two), including the Team from CSU testing air brakes for their ESRA IREC (Experimental Sounding Rockets Association’s Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition) Spaceport America Cup launch in June, a Team from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga attempting to set a new I class multi-staged altitude record (great flight but well short of current record), two members seeking High Power Certification flights, John Jamieson’s all time best altitude flight to 14, 334′ and there were even calm enough winds for Vic to launch his RC controlled rocket boosted glider for a marvelous flight and beautifully executed soft landing.

    The road gate at 122 and 45 was found and left opened – Off Road area still functioning – lots of vehicular traffic going that way – and several different groups of shooters at the draw south west of our site. Also, hard not to notice a huge burn area, probably several hundred acres to the south and west of the road from our location. First I suspected a rifleman’s fire but I’m pretty certain that was a controlled burn area as all the edge lines were very crisp and uniform. Jim Hein overflew his drone and we got good video resolution of the area above and behind the hills to the west. Impressive coverage. More than a few comments about how we never see cattle on that part of the area and that maybe “they” burned off the wrong side of the road. I didn’t investigate the area on foot but the darker ground surface definitely melted off the snow faster than surrounding areas. Good moisture all around but mostly all gone by 3. We were done by 4:30 as the promised clouds and wind rolled in. All in all, a great day on the Pawnee – everyone was thrilled to be back. Thank you.

    Here’s hoping the current cycle of sunny days and precipitation continue to green up the cattle range for a chance to fly the first weekend of May.

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