Bob Wood

  • 4″ Madcow kit.  Olive drab with “US ARMY” decal.  Straight launch until about 4000′, then heeled over into the wind (from the SSE) and disappeared.  Should have gone to ~ 5500′.  Walked the areas North of the flight line both sides of the road past the fence line, and South of the flight line looking for anything that came in ballistic. Grass was…[Read more]

  • Bob Wood replied to the topic Lost Kestral in the forum Lost and Found 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    This bird was found last month in just about the exact location I thought it should be, which I had scoured in June.  Amazing how easy it is to find a lost rocket when the grass has dried up and been grazed by cattle.

    And yes, most of it was lost due to the impact.  I did verify altitude at 19999 feet.  The flight computer (Marsa 54) was able to…[Read more]

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    At MHM last month, I believe the air frame did not separate at apogee, and the bird came in hot.  Main deployed at ~ 800′ and the harness failed.  I found the nosecone and main chute about 600 yards South of County Road 122 (Grover Road), almost exactly South by Southeast of the launch site (about 1.6 miles from the pads – I believe it went at l…[Read more]