Charter & Bylaws

Revised and Updated 14 January 2008

Article 1 – Inception and Name

On May 18, 2002, Punching Holes in the Sky of Northern Colorado (PHITS), National Association of Rocketry Section 565, and Tripoli Rocky Mountains (TRM), Tripoloi Rocketry Association Prefecture 72, merged to form a new stronger organization and from that day forward will be referred to officially as Northern Colorado Rocketry but otherwise called NCR.

Article 2 – Affiliation

NCR shall maintian affiliation with the National Association of Rocketry (hereinafter referred to as NAR), as Section 565 and with the Tripoli Rocketry Association (hereinafter referred to as TRA), as Prefecture 72.

Article 3 – Purpose

The purpose of NCR shall be to:
A – Promote rocketry as an educational and recreational hobby in northern Colorado.
B – To maintain use permits, airspace wiavers, and any other regulatory actions necessary to prreserve at least one launch site in the vicinity of Ault, Colorado.
C – To maintain equipment sutiable for the volume of rockets being launched and capable of launching anything defined as a model rocket in National Fire Protection Asssociation (NFPA) Code 1127.
D – To operate those launch sites and the associated recovery ranges in accordance with NAR or TRA Safety Codes.
E – To engage in other scientific, educational, recreational and/or related activites as the NAR, TRA, NCR membership, and/or the NCR Executive Committee may from time to time deem necessary or desirable in connection with the foregoing.

Article 4 – Membership

Membership in NCR is not restricted to any geographical area or group. To be a member, one must only be in good standing regarding payment of dues and any other fees that are applicable.

Article 5 – Dues

Membership dues shall be paid in advance. Dues are as follows:
A – Adults $25.00 per year.
Adult memberships cover the adult, their spouse, and all dependents under 18 years of age from his/her immediate household. New adult members and members whose dues are delinquent in excess of 1 year are assessed a $25.00 initiation fee. The initiation fee is waived for a lifetime membership.
B – Junior members $5.00 per year
Junior members are under 18 years of age. Junior memberships cover only the junior member. There is no initiiation fee for junior members.

Article 6 – Special Assessments

Special assessments may be levied by a majority vote of the NCR Executive Committee for special activities or equipment that may be exclusively available to those who have paid the special assessment.
A special assessment may not exempt any member from regular club activities unless that assessment is ratified by a majority vote of members attending a club meeting; notice of the aforementioned vote and club meeting to be announced no less than 7 days in advance.

Article 7 – Accounting and Budget

A- All monies collected for dues, special assessments, and other fees shall be kept in a general fund by the treasurer.
B – Money from the general fund shall be paid out by the treasurer only by order of the NCR Executive Committee.
C – The general fund shall be used only for items that would be considered to be in the general interest of the club membership. Such expenditures would inlcude, but are not limited to: launch equipment, launch site infrastructure, motor hardware, meeting expenses, contest expenses, membership dues (NAR and TRA), and regulatory fees.
D – The President and/or his/her appointee for treasurer shall present a report for each year’s expenditures at the annual meeting. This report will provide a summary of the previous year’s expenditures, comparison of those expenditures against the budget for that year, and a budget for the forthcoming year.

Article 8 – Meetings

NCR shall hold a club business meeting at least once each year. The date, time, and place for said meetings shall be decided by the NCR Executive Committee; notice of the aforementioned meeting to be announced no less than 30 days in advance. Notice will inlcude an agenda of the topics to be discussed and any items on which there will be memberships votes.

Article 9 – Votes and Proxies

A- Votes taken at any club meetings of the membership, except amendments to Charter and Bylaws, will carry a single majority of those present. Executive Committee meetings must have a quorum of 1/2 of the Executive Committee plus 1 member. Having qurom, votes taken at Executive Committee meetings will carry by a simple majority of the quorum.
B – Members who are unable to attend a meeting may assign their vote by proxy to any member of their choice. To affect proxy, the member must give this authorization in writing with his/her signature as evidence of that authorization. A member may assign his/her proxy for any club meeting. The proxy authorization is valid for the entire club meeting and all votes at that meeting but only for the meeting specified. A member may not assign his/her proxy in perpetuity. Any Executive Committee member may assign his/her proxy for any Executive Committtee Meeting. The proxy authorization is valid for the entire Executive Committee meeting and all votes at that meeting but only for the meeting specified. An Executive Committee member may not assign his/her proxy in perpetuity.

Article 10 – Executive Committee

The NCR Executive Committee shall be comprised of three elected members and appointees as decided by the President.

A – President – The President may be any member in good standing of NCR, however, the demands placed on the President for leasdership and guidance are best fulfilled by an experienced member. The President chairs all meetings. The President controls one vote at Executive Committee meetings. Any member in good standing of NCR is eligible to vote for the President; they need not be members of either NAR or TRA. The President’s term runs from the meeting at which he/she is elected to the first meeting of the following calendar year.

B – TRA Prefect – The Prefect is a member of the Executive Committee and controls one vote at Executive Committee meetings. By TRA requirement, the Prefect must be a TRA member in good standing, Level 2 or higher certified, and may only be elected by club members who are also members in good standing of TRA. Voting TRA members must also be members in good standing of NCR. The Prefect’s term runs from the meeting at which he/she is elected to the first meeting of the following calendar year. The Prefect, TRA BOD and TRA TAP members are the only persons who may approve TRA Level 1 and 2 certifications.