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2019-07 High Skies in July
Sugar Motor
2019-06 Mile High Mayhem [North Site]
GO For Launch – MHM 2019
We’ve checked with the District Ranger and we are OK...
On April 21, 2019, the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, launched...
2019 Equipment Cleanup
Thanks to everyone who turned out to help with the...
Each flight that is recorded with an altitude will be...
2019-05 May Club Launch [North Site]


Northern Colorado Rocketry Club

The Northern Colorado Rocketry Club is one of THE premier rocketry clubs in Colorado and also the home of the Rocky Mountain West’s two finest regional launches: Mile High Mayhem and Oktoberfest.

About us

NCR encourages and provides support for hobby rocketry in all its forms – from the smallest 1/8A powered model rockets up to largest birds powered by O and P experimental motors.

NCR’s two launch sites with 12,000’AGL and 20,000’AGL standing waivers, as well as special dates with 35,000’AGL windows, are amongst the finest launch sites anywhere in the country.
We have a full range of pads and launch equipment, including hybrid ground support for all commercial hybrids, NCR’s state of the art launch system can fly everything from the smallest 2 oz. model rocket up through rockets weighing several hundred pounds.  

NCR strives to make hobby and amateur rocketry a safe, enjoyable and educational hobby for all – from the kids to teens and all the way up through the big kids.

Come out and fly with us. Directions to our launch site are available at the link on the main menu. Northern Colorado Rocketry is an equal opportunity service provider, and an Authorized Permittee of the Pawnee National Grassland.Come join NCR today!

Launch Dates

Launches are scheduled usually on the first Saturday of every month. In addition there are our two 3-day regional events – Mile Hi Mayhem in the Spring and Oktoberfest in the Fall as well as two all-club meetings in January and July. See our Launch Calendar for exact dates, and check the website on the day of the launch for any weather notices or last minute cancellations.

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Contact Us

Below is a list of the various email contacts to reach the club.

Please be aware that it may take a few days to get back to you.

NCR Club President Joe Hinton

Tripoli Prefect Joe Hinton

Membership Coordinator Dennis Billings  
Treasurer Denis Billings  
Volunteer Coordinator Ed Dawson  
Webmaster Brad Morse

Equipment Coordinator Ed Dawson  
Contest Coordinator Brad Morse


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L3 Build – Vacuum Bagging Guide

L3 project build with vacuum bagged fin cans Author: Warren B. Musselman First Published: December 20, 2010   [ View Original Posts  ] There have been a few threads recently that got me to thinking that perhaps I should put together an article on my L3 project. This project was an all-composite build with a number of features that I hadn’t seen anyone do – at least up until then and I thought that going over the details along with posting some pictures would be helpful to some of the folks who are interested in composite construction and vacuum-bagging.  Essentially, I started with a Performance Rocketry Competitor 5. No reason I chose that kit except that Tim from Wildman came ...
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