2021 Alphabet Contest

Entry Information

$10.00 Entry Fee with $5.00 Re-Entrance Option

Make sure to declare your flight as an “Alphabet Contest” on your flight card prior to launch.

A registration sheet should be available at the LCO desk; contact Brad Morse if the sheet is missing.

Deposit your entry fees with Brad Morse.

Contest Rules

Fly and successfully recover a model rocket, using each motor class in succession: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, …

You may use a different rocket for each flight, or the same rocket for multiple flights as you desire.  Each flight must be declared prior to launch as a contest launch, and designated on your flight card.


If you have a failure resulting in damage that prevents a second flight without repair, or you are unable to recover the rocket, then your last successful flight will be recorded as your final flight for the contest.


Flyers may re-enter for an additional fee.  You will re-join the contest at the motor that you were disqualified at.  For example, if your E flight failed, you would continue the contest at an E impulse motor.

Contest Duration

June – October

The Alphabet contest is open from Mile High Mayhem (June 4) thru Oktoberfest (October 3).  Contest winners and prize money will be awarded at the end of flight activities on October 3 or at the club annual meeting.

Build Constraints

All rockets must be stable and constructed with materials approved by NAR or Tripoli.

Multiple Stages

Multiple stages may be used to accomplish multiple letters of the alphabet in a single flight.  You must recover all stages successfully.  Limit up to and including 3-stages.

Contestants must progress through the alphabet contest sequentially.

You cannot skip any letters of the alphabet, flights with multiple motors that are not sequential are allowed, but you can only achieve a single letter in the alphabet contest if your staged-motor configuration is not sequential.

Ignition sequence does not have to be alphabetical.  You may fly a staged rocket that has a C as the booster, and a B as the sustainer (assuming you have successfully completed your A impulse flight).


The total impulse of the cluster can be substituted for the impulse letter in the alphabet.  For example, a cluster of 6 (six) E motors @ 40ns each would have a total impulse of 240ns, which is equivalent to an H motor.

Impulse Thrust Range (ns)
1/4 A 0 to  0.625 ns
1/2 A 0.625 to  1.25 ns
A 1.25 to  2.5 ns
B 2.5 to  5 ns
C 5 to  10 ns
D 10 to  20 ns
E 20 to  40 ns
F 40 to  80 ns
G 80 to  160 ns
H 160 to  320 ns
I 320 to  640 ns
J 640 to  1,280 ns
K 1,280 to  2,560 ns
L 2,560 to  5,120 ns
M 5,120 to  10,240 ns


2021 MHM Overnight Build Contest

This contest will be held during the Mile High Mayhem (June 4, 5 & 6) Weekend Launch ONLY.


Build and fly a model rocket at the 2021 Mile High Mayhem weekend launch; fly it, and successfully recover.

Contestants will need to buy or bring their own rocket kit and any necessary building supplies.


Construction can begin after 4:00PM on Friday June 4.
Record a successful flight before 10:00AM Sunday June 6.
Declare your flight as a contest flight prior to launch.

* Open to any NCR club member.
* No build restrictions, bring any additional parts and supplies.
* Flights must be witnessed by another club member.

Entry Information

A registration sheet will be available at the LCO desk; contact Brad Morse if the sheet is missing.

Declare your flight as “Overnight Build” contest on your flight card.

Remember to record your flight’s success or failure.

Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable and constructed with materials approved by NAR or Tripoli, you may also use a kit.

Tie Breakers

  • Highest motor impulse


The prize is bragging rights.

2021 NCR May Days [North Site]

Launch Summary

Happy May Day!  Huge THANKS to Jack Matthews for towing both ways and for range set up with the help of Scott Dukes, David Pinter and everyone else that assisted.  We were OK to proceed as planned with the scheduled Saturday May 1st and Sunday May 2nd launch event, at the North site, subject to the normal precautions.  Basic COVID hygiene protocols were still in effect:  If you had a fever or if you felt  sick, don’t show up;  keep at least 6′ or more between your prep area and the next person.

An orientation briefing for participants was held and included a discussion of safety and emergency procedures, fire conditions and instruction, applicable rules and regulations, and what is expected of participants with respect to the use of NFS lands under our special use permit. Waiver was from 9 AM to 6 PM but we were pretty much done by 5 when weather started to threaten.  

Launch Logs


April 2021 [North Site]

Saturday April 3rd, 2021

Secretly named the Count Down launch (4-3-21) Our Pawnee Open can only be described as Epic.  Huge thanks to Jack Matthews for towing out the equipment trailer early in the day and then for doing much of the range set up, with help from Scott Dukes and David Pinter and Jesse Frey and am sure I’m forgetting others. We slowly orgainized and got everything ready for an early start on Saturday.  Waiver went from 8 AM till 6 PM.  So great to be back out on the range with so many rocketry family friends.  

Weather Conditions

In a word – stupendous.  A quiet chill Friday night warmed to a glorious clear day on the prairie, with temperatures reaching into the seventies and just a hint of a breeze.  Clear sky at night with a -3.8 magnitude visible pass of the ISS.  

Launch Logs Day 1

Launch Logs Day 2

2021-03 – Atlas Launch

2021 – February Freeze

2020 – Farm Launch

Vehicles must remain on approved/maintained roadways.  Driving on the Pawnee Grasslands is not allowed during any NCR sanctioned activity.