2020-01 Atlas Launch

2019-12 Atlas Launch

2019-07 High Skies in July

2019-06 Mile High Mayhem [North Site]


On April 21, 2019, the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, launched Traveler IV out of Spaceport America. Traveler IV reached an apogee of 339,800 ft with a confidence of 90% of having crossed the internationally-recognized border between Earth’s atmosphere and space known as the Kármán line.

2019-02 February Club Launch [Atlas Site]

February 2nd (Happy Groundhog’s Day!) at the ATLAS SITE. The current weather forecast, subject to change, predicts comfortable winter temps and favorable, light wind conditions for flying. Range and waiver are expected to be ready for operation starting at 9 AM and lasting until 3 PM or until we run out of motors, lose interest or the weather chases us away, whichever happens first. All flights for this launch must remain under the 12,000

2019 Equipment Cleanup

Thanks to everyone who turned out to help with the club’s equipment cleanup day!

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Each flight that is recorded with an altitude will be counted towards the flyers “total distance flown” for each year.


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2019-05 May Club Launch [North Site]