Mile High Rocketry, LLC.

Announcing the newest mid/high power rocketry supplier in Colorado, Mile High Rocketry, LLC. Owned and operated by Bob Dixon, we are the only dealer in Colorado stocking Loki Research hardware, reloads and accessories as well as OneBadHawk kevlar recovery harnesses, the finest recovery harnesses in high power.

MHR is currently stocking hardware and reloads in 38mm and 54mm, with 76mm products coming soon. If you’re not familiar with Loki Research, take a look at their website: and check out all the great snap ring hardware and awesome loads available from Loki.

Not sure about investing in another brand of hardware? No problem. If there is a Loki Research load you would like to try, just purchase the load from MHR and we will loan you the hardware. How can you beat a deal like that? AND we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Need a Kevlar harness for your latest project? We have in stock 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 7/16” Kevlar harnesses with 2 or 3 sewn loops. Custom harness? We can help you with that also. Just ask.

Look for Mile High Rocketry at a launch near you.

For more information or to place an order, call me at 303-995-4792 or e-mail me at Website coming soon.

September 2018 Launch Photos

2018-08 Club Launch Photos

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UROC HellFire 23

HellFire, sponsored by the Utah Rocket Club (UROC), is one of few remaining events where launching rockets to that height is even permitted. UROC must obtain special clearance for the event, which takes place this year August 2-5, 2018.

Though HellFire is technically an amateur launch, we’re talking serious rocketry here. Participants from around the country launch rockets ranging from foot-tall wonders to towering monsters that weigh in at over 100 pounds, feature high-tech electronics, use a propellant similar to that used on the space shuttle, and lift off with hundreds of pounds of pure thrust.

Now in its 23rd year, HellFire continues to grow. Many people attend not to launch, but simply for the thrill of watching. Between launches, visitors enjoy examining rockets and components close-up and speaking with the experts who build and launch them.

Visit UROC to read more about this event.

High Skies in July Photos

Mayhem Photos

Rough calculations have been made, and MAYHEM really did happen. Over the three clear and sun drenched days, a total of somewhere over 60 different fliers put up something like 241 flights (145 Class One, 96 Class Two), including a few L1 Certifications, a Jr. L1 Certification, 6 M powered flights and 2 N powered flights. Huge thanks to Colin Apke , William Bussell and David Pinter for excellent service as LCO’s and Pad Managers and to everyone that helped with set up and the end of an epic weekend cleanup.

I can provide a better break down for each day, starting with Thursday afternoon/evening when we got most of the range set up and ready. Prairie very lush and green – antelope were happy, cattle are happy, cattlemen are happy and mosquitos ecstatic with all the opportunities to drill and fill, or die trying. Friday started slowly, as expected, but 21 different fliers still managed to loft 48 flights (28 Class One, 20 Class Two), including a Level One Certification flight for Rick Sipin and a Jr. L1 Certification for Collin Ruprecht. Flight line grew slowly during the day and kept growing late into the night. Saturday started with another review of safety concerns and operating procedures before we got really busy with 57 different fliers putting up 122 flights (65 Class One, 57 Class Two). Definitely a HIGH POWERED day that kept the skies busy. Had a brief visit from the Colorado State Highway Patrol (2 patrol cars) – Officer Scott Pucket used to be a member that flew with us maybe ten years ago. He was just showing his partner what’s up. Saturday also included Certification Flights and two high altitude flights in arranged “windows” – one hit 26,000′ and change, I’m waiting for info on the other. Saturday night campfire and possibly a beverage too many for some. Sunday morning started slowly – an hour later than planned, and we finished up about 3:30 with 34 different fliers putting up 71 flights (52 Class One and 19 Class Two).

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We are GO FOR LAUNCH on Saturday, January 5th at the ATLAS SITE.