2019 Contest – $5 Dollar Mile

Entry Fee: $5 per flight (no limit on number of flights)


Build and fly a model rocket that will reach as close to 5,280 feet AGL without going over.


Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable.

Tie Breakers

  • Lowest motor impulse
  • Least number of attempted flights


3 kits will be available for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with a share of the entry fees collected.

Cash prizes for First, Second and Third place will be a % of the entry fees collected.

NCR 2018 Contest – Buy it, Build it, Fly it

Buy it, Build it, Fly it

$0 Entry – Also, the only prize is bragging rights.

Contest will be held during the club’s annual Mayhem (June) launch and Oktoberfest (October).


Buy, or bring a new rocket kit to build during one of the 3-day weekend launches.

Contestants must construct a rocket and fly it successfully within the 3-days of the launch.

You must declare your flight as a contest flight prior to launch.

  1. Contest is open to any NCR club member.
  2. No build restrictions, you may bring additional parts to the launch.
  3. Flights must be witnessed by another club member.
  4. Record your flight success/failure on your flight card.



NCR 2018 Contest Rules – 12oz Lift

12oz Lift

$20 Entry

Contest will be held during the club’s annual MAYHEM launch in June.  Contest flights must be complete and recorded by the final day of the launch – at noon on June 3, 2018.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday June 1st – 3rd North Site – MAYHEM


Construct, launch, and successfully recover your rocket carrying a 12oz. payload of your favorite (unopened) beverage.
12oz can must be recovered undamaged to be considered a successful contest flight.
You must declare your flight as a contest flight prior to launch.

  1. Contest is open to any L1, L2, or L3 certified flier under TRA or NAR.
  2. No build dimension restrictions. (Airframe must carry payload of: 1 12oz can of your favorite beverage).
  3. Your rocket must be capable of flying under an I impulse motor or higher.
  4. Flights must be witnessed and timed by a club member.
  5. Record your flight duration on your flight card.
  6. Winner is determined by longest in-air duration from launch, to landing.
    1. If your rocket landing time is unknown, your flight will be disqualified
    2. Altimiter data, GPS, Radio, and visual tracking are all acceptable means to time your flight’s duration.
  7. Tie breakers:
    1. Altitude – Must be reported by electronic altimeter
    2. Lightest Rocket Airframe w/o motor or payload.
    3. Lowest Motor Class and Thrust.

Entry and Sign-up

When you register for your first day at MHM, be sure to include your $20 contest entry fee and register with the contest director (Brad Morse).


Two kits have been donated for prizes to be given for First and Second place, along with a cash prize dependent on the number of participants.