2020-01 Atlas Launch

2019-12 Atlas Launch

2019-07 High Skies in July

2019-06 Mile High Mayhem [North Site]


On April 21, 2019, the USC Rocket Propulsion Lab, launched Traveler IV out of Spaceport America. Traveler IV reached an apogee of 339,800 ft with a confidence of 90% of having crossed the internationally-recognized border between Earth’s atmosphere and space known as the Kármán line.


Each flight that is recorded with an altitude will be counted towards the flyers “total distance flown” for each year.


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2019-05 May Club Launch [North Site]

2019 Contest – Classic Alphabet

Entry Information

$10 Entry Fee

$10 Re-Entrance Flyers may re-enter the contest for an additional $10 if they are disqualified.

Make sure to declare your flight as an “Alphabet Contest” flight prior to launch.

There will be a contest registration sign-up sheet at the flight table.

Deposit your entry fees with the club’s Contest Director.

Contest Rules

Fly and successfully recover a model rocket, using each motor class in succession: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, …

You may use a different rocket for each flight, or the same rocket for multiple flights as you desire.  Each flight must be declared prior to launch as a contest launch, and designated on your flight card.


Flyers who are disqualified, and buy-back-in, will start at the motor that they were disqualified at.  For example, if your E flight failed, you would continue the contest at an E impulse motor.


If you have a failure resulting in damage that prevents a second flight without repair, or you are unable to recover the rocket, then your last successful flight will be recorded as your final flight for the contest.


First Place: 60% of the collected entry fees.

Second Place: 30% of the collected entry fees.

Third Place: 10% of the collected entry fees.

Additional Considerations

Multiple Stages

Multiple stages may be used to accomplish multiple letters of the alphabet in a single flight.  You must recover all stages successfully.  Limit up to and including 3-stages.

Contestants must progress through the alphabet contest sequentially.

You cannot skip any letters of the alphabet, flights with multiple motors that are not sequential are allowed, but you can only achieve a single letter in the alphabet contest if your staged-motor configuration is not sequential.

Ignition sequence does not have to be alphabetical.  You may fly a staged rocket that has a C as the booster, and a B as the sustainer (assuming you have successfully completed your A impulse flight).


The total impulse of the cluster can be substituted for the impulse letter in the alphabet.  For example, a cluster of 6 (six) E motors @ 40ns each would have a total impulse of 240ns, which is equivalent to an H motor.

Impulse Thrust Range (ns)
1/4 A 0 to  0.625 ns
1/2 A 0.625 to  1.25 ns
A 1.25 to  2.5 ns
B 2.5 to  5 ns
C 5 to  10 ns
D 10 to  20 ns
E 20 to  40 ns
F 40 to  80 ns
G 80 to  160 ns
H 160 to  320 ns
I 320 to  640 ns
J 640 to  1,280 ns
K 1,280 to  2,560 ns
L 2,560 to  5,120 ns
M 5,120 to  10,240 ns
N 10,240 to  20,480 ns
O 20,480 to  40,960 ns
P 40,960 to  81,920 ns
Q 81,920 to  163,840 ns

2019 Contest – $5 Dollar Mile

Entry Information

Entry Fee: $5 per flight (no limit on number of flights)

Make sure to declare your flight as “$5 Mile Contest” flight prior to launch.

There will be a contest registration sign-up sheet at the flight table.

Deposit your entry fees with the club’s Contest Director.


Build and fly a model rocket that will reach as close to 5,280 feet AGL without going over.


Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable and constructed with materials approved by NAR or Tripoli, you may also use a kit.

Tie Breakers

  • Lowest motor impulse
  • Least number of attempted flights


3 kits will be available for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with a share of the entry fees collected.

Cash prizes for First, Second and Third place will be a % of the entry fees collected.

First Place: 60% of entry fees.

Second Place: 30% of entry fees.

Third Place: 10% of entry fees.

Recorded Flights

Date Flyer Altitude (ft) Motor
May 1 Scott Dukes
May 31 – MHM Scott Dukes 4,756 H136
Jesse Frey 5,428 I229 DQ
Brian Houghton 5,094 I300
Brian Houghton 5,207 I287
George Barnes 5,575 I405 DQ
Bill Mott 4,332
Tim Thomas 3,039
June 1 – MHM Jesse Frey
David Pinter 5,561 DQ
Tim Thomas
Jack Matthews 5,935 DQ
Brad Morse DQ
David Pinter
Steve Jensen 5,155

2019 Contest – Buy it, Build it, Fly it

Buy it, Build it, Fly it

$0 Entry – The prize is bragging rights.

Contest will be held during the club’s annual Mayhem (June) launch and Oktoberfest (October).


Buy, or bring a new rocket kit to build during Mile High Mayhem or Oktoberfest launches.

Contestants must construct a rocket and fly it successfully within the 3-days of the launch.

You must declare your flight as a contest flight prior to launch.

  1. Contest is open to any NCR club member.
  2. No build restrictions, you may bring additional parts to the launch.
  3. Flights must be witnessed by another club member.
  4. Record your flight success/failure on your flight card.