2019 Contest – Summer Alphabet

Classic Alphabet [ March – June 2019 ]

Fly and successfully recover a model rocket, using each motor class in succession: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, …

You may use a different rocket for each flight, or the same rocket for multiple flights as you desire.  Each flight must be declared prior to launch as a contest launch, and designated on your flight card.


If you have a failure resulting in damage that prevents another flight without repair, or you are unable to recover the rocket, then your last successful flight will be counted as your final flight for the contest.

2019 Contest – $5 Dollar Mile

Entry Fee: $5 per flight (no limit on number of flights)


Build and fly a model rocket that will reach as close to 5,280 feet AGL without going over.


Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable.

Tie Breakers

  • Lowest motor impulse
  • Least number of attempted flights


3 kits will be available for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with a share of the entry fees collected.

Cash prizes for First, Second and Third place will be a % of the entry fees collected.

Feb Launch – Atlas

Here are some photos from the launch today.

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Meeting News

Members and Friends,

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming very important dates in 2019.

Saturday, January 5th, 10 AM – NCR Launch at the Atlas Site, weather pending.  For those of you driving a long ways to our launch, I’d recommend checking in with your favorite weather report or call the Greeley-Weld County Airport’s automated weather line at 970-352-3511.


Saturday, January 12th – Annual membership and business meeting.  Please consider this a CALL FOR AGENDA ITEMS. Our meeting is scheduled to be held at the VFW Hall in Ault.    The tentative meeting Agenda is included at the end of this email.  Please RSVP for lunch to this email directly and respond with your suggestions, criticisms, comments, and compliments. Thank you.


NCR’s annual Membership and Business meeting will be held at noon on Saturday the 12th of January, 2019 in the VFW Hall in Ault.  Our meeting will be held, snow or shine, at the VFW Hall #4334, immediately adjacent to and connected to the Bison Breath Saloon on Highway 14 and 1st Street in downtown Ault.  Let’s mix business and pleasure.

By popular demand, this meeting will also provide the opportunity for members and friends to show off projects and acquire or dispose of unwanted/extra rocketry related items.  Come prepared to barter, buy or sell some real bargains.  NCR will once again host a SWAP MEET.   Got something rocketry related to sell or trade or give away?  Bring it to the meeting.


The VFW Hall will open at 11 for setting up the meeting and Swap Meet, updating and verifying membership information and raffle ticket sales.   Lunch is planned for around noon – please RSVP to this email – the business meeting will start at 1.  (All times are approximate)   Please plan on attending the meeting as we have a lot to discuss and plan for the next year.  Thank you.


Opening Announcements – Cash Bar, Raffle tickets, Email addresses, Thank you Notes, Year in Review,  (Order of items for discussion not necessarily set in concrete and subject to change; approximate times)

  •   Election of New Officers – TRA – Prefect, Secretary     NCR – President
  •   FAA Waiver Reports – Joe Hinton    10 minutes
  •   USFS Land Use Permit – Joe Hinton    10 minutes
  •   Treasury and Membership Report – Dennis Billings   10 minutes
  •   NCR 2019 Launch Schedule – Joe Hinton    5 minutes
Saturday, February 2nd Atlas Site
Saturday, February 9th   (CU/CSU Senior Projects) Atlas Site
Saturday, March 2nd Atlas Site
Saturday, March 9th       (CU/CSU Senior Projects) Atlas Site
Saturday, March 30th      (CU/CSU Senior Projects) Atlas Site
Saturday & Sunday April 6th & 7th North Site
Saturday & Sunday April13 & 14   (CU/CSU Senior Projects) North Site
*Equipment Prep/Cleanup days to be determined

Saturday, May 3rd thru Sunday, May 5th

North Site

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday May 31 and June 1st & 2nd

North Site

Saturday, Sunday July 5th to 7th

North Site
Saturday, Sunday August 3rd and 4th North Site
Saturday, Sunday September 7th and 8th North Site
*Equipment Prep/Cleanup day to be determined

Friday, Saturday & Sunday October 4th – 6th

North Site
Saturday, November 2nd (Sunday, Nov.3th as Back Up date) North Site
Saturday, December 7th Atlas Site
Saturday, January 4th, 2020 Atlas Site
Saturday, January 11th 2020
  •   Equipment Concerns  – 10 minutes
  •   Contests & Awards – Brad Morse   10 minutes
  •   Bylaws Review – Changes? – 10 minutes
  •   WEBPAGE – Brad Morse   10 minutes
  •   Vendor Presentations – 10 minutes each – Moto-Joe, Mile High Rocketry, Falcon Rocketry
  •   New Business – ????
  •   ADJOURNMENT of official business

Swap Meet and Clean Up.


      Hope to see you out on the range. 

Mile High Rocketry, LLC.

Announcing the newest mid/high power rocketry supplier in Colorado, Mile High Rocketry, LLC. Owned and operated by Bob Dixon, we are the only dealer in Colorado stocking Loki Research hardware, reloads and accessories as well as OneBadHawk kevlar recovery harnesses, the finest recovery harnesses in high power.

MHR is currently stocking hardware and reloads in 38mm and 54mm, with 76mm products coming soon. If you’re not familiar with Loki Research, take a look at their website: lokiresearch.com and check out all the great snap ring hardware and awesome loads available from Loki.

Not sure about investing in another brand of hardware? No problem. If there is a Loki Research load you would like to try, just purchase the load from MHR and we will loan you the hardware. How can you beat a deal like that? AND we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Need a Kevlar harness for your latest project? We have in stock 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 7/16” Kevlar harnesses with 2 or 3 sewn loops. Custom harness? We can help you with that also. Just ask.

Look for Mile High Rocketry at a launch near you.

For more information or to place an order, call me at 303-995-4792 or e-mail me at milehighrocketry@gmail.com. Website coming soon.


We are GO for Oktoberfest!  The US Forest Ranger says we may proceed as planned/scheduled, with the usual precautions and extra vigilance for fire risks and hazards.

We have been given the GREEN LIGHT from the US Forest Service for OKTOBERFEST (October 5th, 6th and 7th) on the Pawnee National Grassland at NCR’s North Site.   An important reminder – in spite of the current forecast for scattered rain showers, the Fire Risk remains high – extra vigilance will be expected.   Currently, there are no fire restrictions in place in Weld County or on the Pawnee NG, which is subject to change, so everyone will need to be very careful and implement extra precautions. The prairie remains fragile and combustible – NO SPARKIES ALLOWED.    In the event of any fire on the range, all launch activities will cease until the fires are completely extinguished and it is determined if it is safe for us to continue.

On-site registration will be available. Friday October 5th and Saturday October 6th  and Sunday October 7th.  Our waiver will be a constant 20,000’ AGL, with arrangements for “windows of opportunity” to be coordinated.  If you will need a higher altitude “window” during the weekend, please advise me ASAP.

Remember Range Etiquette.  If you find a gate closed, close it behind you.  Stay on the authorized roads (Foot recovery only) and please don’t park more than 100’ off the road at the launch site. Be prepared for changing weather conditions.  Afternoon thundershowers should be expected.


We anticipate having the range set up and ready by 9 AM on Friday, and we’ll operate until 5 PM.  On Saturday the range and waiver will be open at 8 AM and close at 5 PM.  On Sunday, the range will open at 8 AM and probably close by 3 PM.  Wristbands will be required for ALL flyers and ALL flyers will need to be registered.  ALL high power flyers must be current NAR or Tripoli members. Please remember that Range Safety is in everyone’s best interest.  Enjoy Oktoberfest responsibly.

The Pawnee National Grassland offers the ultimate in rustic, open space camping although for this event we will have Porta-Potties on site.  Self sufficient camping is permitted on site.  NO Campfires allowed.  The nearest motels are in Wellington, CO, Cheyenne, WY, and Ft. Collins, CO.

Please treat our National Grassland with respect.  As is typical with camping in most public areas, we are required to remove all of our trash.  Be considerate and responsible.   If you bring it, be prepared to leave with it.  Please clean up your parking and prep area before you leave and take all of your stuff with you.

NCR is an Authorized Permitee of the Pawnee National Grassland.  A morning orientation briefing for participants will be held and will include a discussion of safety and emergency procedures, fire conditions and instruction, applicable rules and regulations, and what is expected of participants with regards to the use of NFS lands under our special use permit.

Please note that all launch events will be conducted using nationally approved/accepted range safety practices.  The launching of rockets on NFS land is normally prohibited under a Forest Service Region 2 fire regulation.  The issuance of NCR’s permit allows launches to take place by exempting the Holder from that regulation for approved launch events only.  All launches, other than those conducted by the Holder during approved launch events, are outside the scope of this permit and are prohibited by Forest Service regulations.


As always, volunteers are needed to help with range set up, operation and clean up. Hope to see you out on the range.

September 2018 Launch Photos

2018-08 Club Launch Photos

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High Skies in July Photos