Northern Colorado Rocketry
1 Mile High Club 2021
2021-05-01Mr. Bigglesworth
George Barnes
II200 [AeroTech]6396 ftestimated 6 K AGL
2021-05-01Mega Dittos
George Barnes
II405 [Loki Research]6341 ft57 G's, Mach 1, estimated 1 mile AGL JLCR @600
2021-05-01Vertical Assault
Mark Lionberger
KK185 [AeroTech]6694 ft8 second burn
2021-04-03Time Bandit
Dennis Billings
KK510 [Cesaroni Technology]5290 ftSlow & Low Estimated 5050
Ed Dawson
KK520 [Cesaroni Technology]5336 ft
2021-03-063" Canvas Goblin
George Barnes
KK185 [AeroTech]10104 ft~8,500' & Mach .75
2021-02-06I Boy
Scott Dukes
II65 [AeroTech]6355 ftTRA I Handicap Record Attempt

All launch events will be conducted using nationally approved/accepted range safety practices. The launching of rockets on NFS land is normally prohibited under a Forest Service Region 2 fire regulation. The issuance of NCR’s permit allows launches to take place by exempting the Holder from that regulation for approved launch events only. All launches, other than those conducted by the Holder during approved launch events, are outside the scope of this permit and are prohibited by Forest Service regulations.

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