Mayhem Happening…..

Members and Friends,

We’ve checked with the District Ranger and we are OK to proceed as planned with the scheduled 6/2-4 launch, subject to normal precautions.  NCR is GO for MileHighMayhem the first weekend of June on the Pawnee National Grassland at NCR’s North Site.  On-site registration will be available Friday, June 2nd, Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th.   Port-A-Potties have been ordered for the weekend.  Our waiver will be a constant 20,000’ AGL, with anticipated “windows of opportunity” for higher altitudes shots.  Please let me know ASAP if you’re planning any “window” shots. We anticipate having the range set up and ready by 9 AM on Friday, and we’ll operate until 6 PM.  On Saturday and Sunday, the range and waiver will be open at 8 AM.  Wristbands will be required for ALL flyers and ALL flyers will need to be registered.   The extended weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with characteristically light winds and comfortable temperatures for Spring on the prairie with the probability of afternoon thunder showers.  In other words, it should be an awesome weekend for flying.  Please remember that Range Safety is in everyone’s best interest.


The Pawnee National Grassland offers the ultimate in rustic, open space self sufficient camping.  We are, however, limited to only one campfire in the established fire pit at the south end of the flight line.  Firewood is nonexistent on the prairie so contributions are always welcomed.


Please treat our National Grassland with respect.  Be considerate and responsible.   If you bring it, be prepared to leave with it.  Please clean up your parking and prep area before you leave and take all of your stuff with you.


Hope to see you out on the range.

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