2019 Contest – Buy it, Build it, Fly it

Buy it, Build it, Fly it

$0 Entry – The prize is bragging rights.

Contest will be held during the club’s annual Mayhem (June) launch and Oktoberfest (October).


Buy, or bring a new rocket kit to build during Mile High Mayhem or Oktoberfest launches.

Contestants must construct a rocket and fly it successfully within the 3-days of the launch.

You must declare your flight as a contest flight prior to launch.

  1. Contest is open to any NCR club member.
  2. No build restrictions, you may bring additional parts to the launch.
  3. Flights must be witnessed by another club member.
  4. Record your flight success/failure on your flight card.

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Vehicles must remain on approved/maintained roadways.  Driving on the Pawnee Grasslands is not allowed during any NCR sanctioned activity.