Flight Logs

The club launch logs needs a developer to work on a solution that integrates with wordpress.

I’ve been considering writing a plugin for wordpress and started this repo on github: nc-rocketry/wp-launch-logs

Please email me brad.m404@yahoo.com to start working toward a solution.

For now, the historical records are kept in this google doc.

Launch Date Jan 6 2018
Launch Site Atlas
Flyer Certification Recovery Cert Flight
Flyer L1 L2 L3 NAR/TRA Heads Up Rocket Rocket Color(s) Rocket Mfg Motor Motor Mfg Streamer Parachute Date of Flight LCO Notes Contests Altitude (ft) L1 L2 L3 Outcome
Jim Hinton X NAR#81745 SS Cestris White Sirius D12-5 Estes 2018-01-06 CMA
Jim Hein Frenetic G-64 Aerotech 2018-01-06 JH 1,217
Jack Matthews X 13150 X Babycakes Yellow/Black Estes E9-6 Estes 2018-01-06 Joe Burned on pad
Larry Haynes X 12237 Packing Materials What…? Are You Kidding? I-800 CTI 2018-01-06 Joe Electronics On.. We Hope. Ballistic Recovery – Survived!
Vic Davis X 13085 Glass Big Daddy White G-126 CTI 2018-01-06 Joe
Paul Little John Red & Grey 1/2 A 2018-01-06 Joe
Richard Her Apogee Avion Red & Grey A8-3 X 2018-01-06 CMA
David Pinter 3157 Goldie Roy Scratch Build G-115 CTI 2018-01-06
Jim Hein Frenetic G-77R Aerotech 500′ main 2018-01-06 JH
Jim Hein Scratch F15 Estes 2018-01-06 JH
Jim Hein Scratch F15-6 Estes 2018-01-06 JH
Jack Wrenosky 9911 Black Stripe
White w/ Black Stripe
B6-4 X 2018-01-06 TA

NCR is GO for MileHighMayhem the first weekend of June on the Pawnee National Grassland at NCR’s North Site. On-site registration ($20.00) will be available Friday, June 1st, Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd. Limited edition T-shirts have been printed, vendors have been contacted, raffle prizes collected and Port-A-Potties have been ordered for the weekend. Please remember that Range Safety is in everyone’s best interest. NO “sparky” motor types allowed.

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