Flight Logs

This is under active development (as of early 2019), understand that these views of the club’s flight data are going to change and improve over time.  Check back in a few months to see what’s new.  Once the components are all completed, we will post an announcement in the General Forms.

<blink> NCR Historical Flight Records – BACK ONLINE! </blink>

Click here to see the flight records

If anyone would like to help out, please contact Brad Morse brad.m404@yahoo.com

Software Components


A node.js app that can serve as a front-end user interface.



This is the latest iteration, and has all of the historical flight records.


Please request access to this repo if you are interested in contributing.  The HTML templating is pretty straight forward.  Email Brad Morse (brad.m404@yahoo.com)

Thrustcurve API Client Libraries

A huge thanks to John Coker for maintaining the Thrustcurve API for so many years.  This Java library is being used to collect rocket motor data that will be used to augment the flight records when new flight cards are entered.

github: https://github.com/ncrclub/thrustcurve

Additional Notes

I’ve been considering writing a plugin for wordpress and started this repo on github: nc-rocketry/wp-launch-logs

Please email me brad.m404@yahoo.com to start working toward a solution.

A copy of the historical records are kept in this google doc.