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    Brad Walker

    I’m looking to renew my interest in rockets. I would like to become a member of NC Rocketry. But, is there anything to be gained by also joining NAR?

    Is there a way to combine the two and save some money.

    Also, I need to join to be able to launch at the club launches, correct? And if so, is there a “training” session that I need to attend so that I know what to do on launch day?

    Thanks for any help.

    -brad w.

    James Russell

    NCR is a local club, having its own membership fees. It is not required to join to fly but is a good idea to help support the club, and equipment. It is also not required to join NAR but joining NAR gives you the benefits from the national organisations like insurance and certifications. If you are wanting to fly anything beyond model rockets A-G you will need to be certified by one of the national organisations to do so.


    Don’t forget, there’s also TRA (Tripoli Rocketry Assn.) as another national organization.

    TRA vs. NAR is a choice you can make, based upon where you’d like to go in rocketry. NAR is excellent for competition, low and mid power, and supports high power. TRA might be your choice if you’re leaning more towards high power and possibly making your own motors at some point. Lots of knowledge within our own NCR on that note!

    Above all, have fun. There’s a lot to learn just within our club. Lots of knowledge being shared.


    James Russell

    Also, if you are not a member of NAR or TRA, at a NAR launch you are covered and as a participant but at a TRA launch if you are not a member of TRA you are not covered under their insurance but if you are a member of NAR you are covered at a TRA or NAR launch with the exception of a TRA Research launch. If you are a TRA member at a NAR launch TRA will cover you. All of this is a bit confusing so if you are like me join them all and you are covered;). There are also so added bonuses to joining NAR this year, I am not clear on them all but NAR is doing some promotion this year with this being the 52 year of NARAM. I have seen something posted on a different forum, I would go to http://nar.org/ to see the 52 by 52 deal that NAR is promoting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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