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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Members and Friends,

    SATURDAY ONLY.   There are some complications with our logistics.  We are GO for SATURDAY ONLY.


    The Ranger says they have no reason to doubt we may proceed with the rocket launch as planned, following normal precautions.  Given the recent rains, it warrants mentioning that the ground may be soft out there. Vehicles will need to stay immediately next to the road to keep from tearing things up and causing resource damage.  FYI, the recent storms have been bringing a lot of hail with them too.


    Expect the range and waiver (20,000’ AGL) to be operational by 8 AM to 6 PM – Saturday Only.  Remember Range Etiquette.  If you find a gate closed, close it behind you.   Please treat our National Grassland with respect.  As is typical with visiting or camping in most public areas, we are required to remove all of our trash.  Be considerate and responsible.   If you bring it, be prepared to leave with it.  Please clean up your parking and prep area before you leave and take all of your stuff with you.

    NCR is an Authorized Permitee of the Pawnee National Grassland.  A morning orientation briefing for participants will be held and will include a discussion of safety and emergency procedures, fire conditions and instruction, applicable rules and regulations, and what is expected of participants with regards to the use of NFS lands under our special use permit.


    Please note that all launch events will be conducted using nationally approved/accepted range safety practices.  The launching of rockets on NFS land is normally prohibited under a Forest Service Region 2 fire regulation.  The issuance of NCR’s permit allows launches to take place by exempting the Holder from that regulation for approved launch events only.  All launches, other than those conducted by the Holder during approved launch events, are outside the scope of this permit and are prohibited by Forest Service regulations.


    As always, volunteers are needed to help with range set up, operation and clean up.

    Hope to see you out on the range.

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