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    Rick Sipin


    I have a 3″ dia Blue Tube about 4′ long which I bought many years ago from Apogee Components. Just wondering if anyone has had experiences positive or negative using this material. I’m considering putting it together with a payload bay and 38mm motor mount, with fiberglass fins and bulkheads.  I know I could go 54 mm, but I’d like to take one step up at a time, given my level 1 rocket runs with 29mm motors.  Thanks in advance for any opinions.



    Brad Morse

    I have used Blue Tube for A/V bays and motor mount tubes, it’s a good material.  I also have several sections of 6″ Blue Tube that I intend to use as an airframe for a scratch build cluster project.  I just need to find a good way to cut fin slots.

    Also, I have friends who have used Blue Tube as an airframe and have had no trouble.

    However – I have heard complaints about the material swelling and deforming.  I’ve got a Blue Tube motor mount (54mm) that has deformed a bit, and is almost impossible now to insert a motor case, not to mention pulling it out takes quite a bit of persuasion.

    My conclusion is that I probably will not use Blue Tube as a motor mount in the future, but otherwise I like it.

    Best of luck with your project!



    Rick Sipin

    Blue Tube scratch build complete! Used a dremmel to cut the fin slots. PML Extended Kwikswitch  29/38/54  Motor Mount.  Looking forward to first flight next weekend if Octoberfest is a go! Photo to follow.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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