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    Greg Mackey

    I loaded my BP/igniter charges into surgical tubing in Nov. Do you guys think they will be good now?


    If we lived in an area with appreciable humidity, I’d be concerned. Water is about the only thing that will mess with BP. It should be fine. Then again, if you’ve got plenty, it’d be cheap insurance to make up new ones. Your call! As Mr. Eastwood would ask “do you feel lucky?”.


    Greg Mackey

    I was thinking of doing that just to have peace of mind. I’m prepping some birds tonight and tomorrow night, so I might as well do it. Plus, it will be entertaining to get rid of the old BP in my cannon….. 😛

    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    The old saying goes something like keep your powder dry, check your primer (in this case ematch) and let ’em fly – Fire at Will! Unlucky soul – everyone always shooting at him. If the charge was sealed tight, they should be alright. If in doubt, take them out. Use them for ground testing some other time. Failures aren’t as critical when everything is laying on the ground. Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.


    You store you BP in a can and keep it dry. You store your e-matches the same. So, if you store your pre-made charge in a dry environment then I don’t see the difference between storing them separately. I’ve used 2+ year old charges just fine.


    Bret Packard

    I agree. I’m certain my charges are sealed better than the tin can my bulk BP is in.

    Warren B. Musselman

    I used charges at MHM last year that had been built inside surgical tubing over 2 years before – no problem. Thanks to low Colorado humidity I’m sure.



    I think I have Done Everything Wrong At Least One Time.

    I have had charges left in a rocket but not connected to the
    electronics and forgot to double check the connection.

    My Thor-x was on the pad ready to go when the fire broke
    out last year. I will completely take it apart and re-do

    Not that anyone else has the same problems. But I get
    cought on the simple things. Like not getting My chute out
    and let it fill a couple times. Double checking all shock
    cord connections. Just to mention a few

    I just switched to the surgical tube type charges. Great way to
    keep things dry, and spill proof.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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