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    John A. Wilke

    Good thing we weren’t out there yesterday…

    SO very dry!


    Troy Hummel

    Very true I saw that there was 7 fires in Weld co yesterday.



    Very true.

    We are getting major moisture here in Cheyenne. I’m sure at the North
    Site also. I was ten miles south of Cheyenne..

    We have received two or so inches since 9:00am. Water running
    fast down the curbs.


    I put a coat of paint on a rocket at 8:00am. Have a tent heater
    in the garage going. I should have checked the weather.

    From now and into May we get a lot of moisture.

    Who ever did the rain dance saturday….It worked.



    Doppler radar totals only show 0.3″ at the North Site for today’s storm. Cheyenne had unusually high precip compared to the surrounding areas.


    Keep Dancing!!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 10 total)

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