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    Dave Smith

    I am in Longmont and simply needing a local source of a forged eyebolt for my mm/shockcord. Suggestions?



    Some ACE Hardware stores have them, and they can get them for you. I know, because I am in the wholesale website where the stores buy from the warehouse that is down in Colorado Springs. You can also find them at commercial fasteners places, like Fastenal or Colorado Fasteners. I buy them at CD Fasteners in Fort Collins.

    I hope this helps. Bear

    Dave Smith

    My Ace does not carry them, but we do have a Fastenal in Loungemont. I will check them out this week.
    Thanks Bear


    What size are you needing? I have a solution that works very well for single point of retention.


    McGuckins has them, but obviously you’ll pay! It IS McGuckins after all.

    If you’ve got other stuff to get, it might be worth it to do a McMaster-Carr order.


    Dave Smith

    It is a 3/4″ eyebolt. I am building the GL Liberty 4. I want to put the K1440 that I won as a “Never Ending Raffle” to go use. This is one of my many long term projects; I will eventually get there. I don’t think that with this configuration that this will be a low and slow project.

    McGuckins is a good choice, and yes, they are very proud of their prices! Curious to hear though, of alternatives.


    If I cannot find what I am seeking locally, I hit the net. I start with “Google” and then go to the ”shopping” tab. I might put in here forged eye bolts or 3/4″ forged eye bolts. You should also be able to find this in a rigging supply site, also. I hope this helps. Bear


    Try Timberline Fasteners in Commerce City. If worse comes to worse there’s always McMaster Carr.

    Steve Jensen


    Accepts PayPal. I buy eye nuts from them. Hard to find them on their site due to their mediocre search tool, but they are cheap. Search under “eye”. Shipping isn’t cheap, so order ten or more. Each one is under $4.00 for the quarter inch ones including shipping. I like the eye nuts better than the eye bolts. I get quarter inch, five sixteenth, and three eighth inch ones. They don’t leave a big screw sticking into your eBay or NC.

    McMaster Carr has a poor selection.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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