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    Went walking today for a few hours.

    Found a Rocket about three miles SE of launch site.

    Nice bird. I’m sure and altitude attempt.


    I think it is Adrian’s second stage G to F shot from Oktoberfest.




    I just thought of a question that had never crept into my mind before. If you fly a multi-stage rocket and recover the sustainer and the electronics, but NOT the booster, is this is viable TRA or NAR record?

    I don’t know. I’m curious. I don’t do multi-staged rockets (not smart enough) 😯 so in my case it is purely an academic question. I’ve never seen it tossed about in any of the various forums?

    In the case of a single-staged rocket, it has to come back in OK condition., which I understand and support. In this case, the sustainer looks fine. If the booster is lost, does that negate a record?

    If that is a 24mm rocket (hard to tell?) and if it was calm (I wasn’t there) and if it landed 3 miles away? Then that was a MONSTER boost, record or not!




    That’s my booster that I flew as a single stage on Sunday after my sustainer failed to ignite on Saturday. It looks like the altimeter and transmitter broke off or something, though. 🙁 But i think I threaded them onto the shock cord, so maybe they’re deep inside next to the motor? (fingers crossed)

    Wow, that really landed far away. Could you put a mark on this map
    around where you found it?

    Tomorrow morning I’m going back up with Chad to look for the other rocket I lost at Oktoberfest, which had my sustainer electronics and nose cone. I see you’re from Cheyenne, but I’ll be close enough tomorrow to pick it up if you’re available. Maybe you can send me a PM

    Thanks a million, Mike!



    If that is a 24mm rocket (hard to tell?) and if it was calm (I wasn’t there) and if it landed 3 miles away? Then that was a MONSTER boost, record or not!

    The picture is of a 24mm booster, built around an Ellis G37, but with a weighted nosecone in place of the sustainer stage. Here’s the whole 2-stage rocket, before I decided to add more red paint to the booster:

    I flew the booster that Mike found on Sunday with about a 7-8 mph wind from SE to NW. It was pretty squirrely and had a pretty significant cone. I’m convinced now that all of my squirrely and/or coning boosts have been caused by having a misalignment between the CG and the motor thrust line. On Saturday I flew the front end of the sustainer together with a back end that I made for a single-stage attempt, and it flew nice and straight. This was the same configuration that coned badly and flew about 40 degrees from vertical at Hartsel in September. The difference was that I put in a weight in the side of the parachute compartment and rotated the top and bottom relative to each other until the rocket would roll smoothly on a flat surface, with the fins hanging off the edge. The booster you see in the picture was so overstable that I didn’t bother to do that, but I should have.

    I doubt it broke John’s G record, since it’s got a lot of fin area and some extra length, and it wasn’t a straight flight. But I hope the electronics are attached inside so I can get some data.

    In case you’re curious and haven’t seen this over at the build thread at RocketryPlanet, here is the 2-stage configuration with the internals also shown. The antenna in the sustainer’s nosecone goes all the way to the tip of the nosecone, past the nose weight, which was cast around a spacer tube for the antenna. Not that it did much good, since the tracker’s signal was intermittent in the air and then went out at landing, similar to Synergy’s tracker at Hartsel, though this time with intermittent beeps throughout the descent. I think I broke the solder connection on the antenna when I was cramming everything in there on Saturday.

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