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    Greg Mackey

    It’s time I sold my stuff. I had hoped to find the time to fly again, but that’s not going to happen…
    Joe Hinton can vouch for me since lots of you probably don’t remember or know me.

    Please call or txt me – I don’t get on this board anymore. 303-916-7051 OR email me at

    All of the stuff is in Lakewood, but I can bring it to Longmont or Westminster area for you.

    NEW DEAL – I will sell everything here for $750 cash (except for the GLR-VA). This will include several quarts of Aeropoxy, fiberglass sheeting, CF socks and strips, lots of hardware and misc parts. All of the motors/cases ect, chutes and the birds – less the GLR-VA at the bottom.

    NEW – Raven. $75
    used HA45s $20
    NEW – MW RRC2 mini $40

    Minimum diameter fiberglass nose cones.
    3- 29mm, 3- 38mm and one 54mm. Make offers.

    PML Kwik-Switch 38/54 $20

    Phenolic and PML body tubes, motor retainers, 4″ GLR av bay, shear pins… $40 for all.

    12 or so Cosmos $20
    8 Cosmos mounted in PVC tubes comes with the ones above.
    20+ e-matches that Joe sells. $offer

    Motors and cases – CTI and AT. I will sell all of the motors/reloads/cases on this list for $400.

    CTI cases – all new, never used.
    Pro 29 – 1,3,6G with one closure and two 1G spacers. all for $70
    Pro 38 – 5G $40
    Pro 54 – 6G with closure and 2 1G spacers. $100

    CTI reloads;
    Pro 29 1G Smokey Sam. $15
    Pro 29 3G Blue Streak $20
    Pro 38 5G Blue Streak $40
    Pro 54 6G Classic $120

    Monster 38/720 CASE with disk. $30
    AT 29/120-240 & Monster 29/240 with closures and disk, $70
    Dr. Rocket NEW, 29/360 $50

    AT reloads.
    I have several 29 and 38mm delay kits as well.

    $60 for all with the 29mm delay kits.
    F52-8T $10
    G64-7W $10
    G71-4R $10
    H128W-M $15
    G75J $15
    H210R-M $20

    38mm: $180 for all with delay kits.
    H242T $20
    I161W $30
    I245G-M $30
    I285R $40
    I300T $40
    I420 Redline $40

    Single use:
    SUPER RARE – TWO Ellis Mountain G37-6 $30 for both.

    AT: $80 for all (w/ roadrunners).
    F25-4W $20
    F25-9W $20
    F26-9FJ $20
    Roadrunner – not sure what they are worth, make offers.


    Box of chutes, most are near new to good shape. Sizes are estimates based on me trying to measure them by my self.
    The box comes with chute protectors made my Mike Bennet and some webbing.
    flats – 18, 24, 30, 36, 40, 48, 50, 60″
    Spherical – 30, 42, 60, 75, 80, 95
    Skyangle – 60″
    $100 for the whole box.

    Birds – new, somewhat built to built but not painted and flown, used.
    ATI Wart-Hog
    Mad Cow – Squat 4″

    New- part built to not flown.
    Wildman – Dual Deploy fiberglass 4″, 54mm, av bay started.

    3Dogs – Little Dog dual deploy, built zipperless, mostly done.

    PML I.O. 2″, built as a dual deploy and zipperless. Equipped with HA45 alt, chutes and is ready for paint and to fly.

    These 3 PML birds came from another guy in the club, I never flew them.
    Quasar – 2.5″x56″ w/ quick switch
    Mystic ? – 38mm, 3″x37″
    New build – Tethys ? – not finished, not painted, never flown. 3.9″x53″.

    AT Sumo, modified fins, motor retainer, piston eject, chute.

    This bird is sold seperately if someone wants just the birds above.
    Giant Leap Vertical Assault. 3″ Dyna-Wind airframe, Automotive yellow paint. Slimline 38/54 adapter. Chutes. Nose cone paint is split.
    I flew it once and the mach delay was set wrong so it zippered the av bay. I have fixed the bay and added a new switch. It needs the alt mounting board installed. I had two HA45s in it. $100

    Geof Givens

    Buying the AT 38 cases and 1 RRC2 mini

    Greg Mackey

    If anyone is interested. I would do everything (but the hybrid), with a FatMax wheeled tool tote, tools and lots of misc hardware and parts for $1000.


    Steal of a deal, Greg, but I don’t fly enough to justify more stuff at the moment.

    If you don’t get bites, put it up on TRF. They’ll buy ANYTHING!



    Im tempted on that hybrid. If you put in……… say half a load of nitrous in it will it stay under our waiver? Do you have to fill hybrids all the way?


    You could put 1/2 load in it, but you’d really need to talk to Jeff Jakobs and see what his numbers are. I’m doubtful it would go 64k. If it holds 19 pounds of nitrous, and you get 1000 Ns per pound (that is on the high end) Then that is 20,000 Ns. A full N motor. This is a long skinny rocket any my guess is you would get 1/2 of that. But, you would need to consult with Jeff Jakobs on a thrustcurve.

    Also, how do you know when it is full 1/2 way? Most hybrids don’t like to be partially filled.



    I looked over the motor last night – and I figured out a way someone could fly it 1/2 full. You would need a bulkhead and then a pipe to hold it 1/2way down in the tank. Shouldn’t be too hard to do, actually.

    I’d be willing to help whomever buys the hybrid get it tested and off the ground.


    Greg Mackey

    The Hybrid is SPF…

    One thing more to add – I have some EX aluminum pipe for motor cases and some Graphite for nozzles.
    I don’t remember the sizes on the graphite, but suspect at least a stick for 29 and 38. PM me and I will open the box.



    What are you asking for the other stuff for the hybrid?


    Greg Mackey

    If I have anything left you can have it. I’m not sure what Edward has though. I can’t remember if the aluminum pieces were there or not. Check with him and see. I know I had a piece of 4″ stuff to make a coupler.

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