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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Members and Friends,

    High Skies in July 2019 has received the green light from the US Forest Service for the coming weekend of July 6th and 7th on the Pawnee National Grassland at NCR’s North Site.  Our waiver will be a constant 20,000’ AGL, with “windows of opportunity” for higher altitudes shots on Saturday and Sunday.  We anticipate having the range set up and ready by 9 AM on Saturday and we’ll operate until 6 PM.  The extended weather forecast calls for partly cloudy skies with characteristically light winds and comfortable to hot temperatures, and probable afternoon thundershowers.  Please remember that Range Safety is in everyone’s best interest.


    No fire restrictions are currently in place in Weld County or on the Pawnee NG, but that is subject to change and a Red Flag Warning or Fire Weather Watch would preclude launch activities.  The prairie remains green but is starting to crisp up due to recent winds and hot weather.  NO “sparky” motor types allowed.


    Remember Range Etiquette.  If you find a gate closed, close it behind you.  Please stay on the authorized roads and please don’t park more than 100’ off the road at the flight line. Take as little space as necessary for your campsite.  Foot Recovery only.


    The Pawnee National Grassland offers the ultimate in rustic, open space camping although for this event we should have a Port-a-Potty on site.  Self sufficient camping is permitted on site.  We are, however, limited to only one campfire in the established fire pit at the south end of the flight line.  Firewood is nonexistent on the prairie so contributions are welcome.  The nearest motels are in Wellington, CO, Cheyenne, WY, and Ft. Collins, CO.


    Please treat our National Grassland with respect.  As is typical with camping in most public areas, we are required to remove all of our trash.  Be considerate and responsible.   If you bring it, be prepared to leave with it.  Please clean up your parking and prep area before you leave and take all of your stuff with you.


    Hope to see you out on the range.

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