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    John at Transolve Inc. modified a Minifire to handle the longest possible fill time on an M hybrid on a hot day. Might say it has a 100% duty cycle. It is a wireless remote control, fill, fire/O2, and, dump/continuity with beeper. It has a small device like a garage door opener to control the base stations with 3 channels. It is good for 800′, and more distance with the base station up off the ground 4′. The base station has an on/off key for safety. It can also launch 3 AP rockets, each separately. Only 3, 8′ wires are going to the launcher/solenoids, and one short one to connect the battery. No long rolls of wire to play out, or huge automotive battery. I am using a small sealed, lead acid Harley motorcycle battery. I have tested the battery/Minifire and can get 10 launches on a hybrid…maybe more! I have fired a 29mm Sky Ripper with it, and am very pleased with the product. http://www.transolve.com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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