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    My son is wanting to build a hybrid rocket. He has always liked the sound of a Rattworks motor but they don’t seem readily available nor do they offer a wide range of sizes. He is leaning towards a 54mm motor. The Skyrippers sounded good to him at OF last week. Are they the best option? Will my Contrail GSE support Skyripper launches? Is scratch building the best option for a Hybrid rocket? He wants dual-deploy.


    I’m sure Edward will ring in on your question.

    I agree it looked like a great system. Also Edward was very helpful
    to everyone there.

    That is a big and important plus in choosing.

    (Find Edward at one of the Hybrid topics below Yours and
    give Him a PM)



    RATTWorks motors are available, mainly through Pratt Hobbies. I really like the Skyrippers for monotube hybrids (hence why I’m a dealer). They are easy to set up and always light. I was 4/4 with flights this weekend. Another one (Jordan’s) didn’t go because the big tank was out of Nitrous.

    As far as GSE the club GSE works great – you can fill and fire from the pad and don’t need anything extra. I don’t know what you have as far as Contrail GSE but I’ve used the clubs with great success. The 54mm Skyrippers range from J-K and 24, 28 and 36″ long cases and the reloads are reasonable at $20 per flight.

    As far as building a rocket put the longest motor mount in corresponding to the longest motor you want to fly. In my 54mm I put in a 29″ mount. That way I can fly the 28″ SRS if I want as well as my hybrid at 26″. I also just planned on a bigger chute because you’ll have slightly more recovery mass. Other than that you might need a bigger fin span to bring the CP back a little. Other than that it is just like any other rocket, CP behind CG.

    Let me know if I can help!



    Thanks Mike and Edward,

    Edward, do you have a website for purchases or how are you set up?


    I do not have a website for purchases – I’m a little more old fashioned 🙂 If you have something in mind let me know and I can get you a price on it. I’ll post the MSRP here, but I can give you some off of that.

    38mm 3 casing set: $226.50
    38mm PVC reload(3-pack): $36.00
    38mm PP reload(3-pack): $42

    54mm 3 casing set: $350.00
    54mm ABS reload(2-pack): $49

    Please feel free to contact me at
    edward AT alphahybrids DOT com




    I would be interested in your price on a 54mm 830 (28″) motor and the 2pak reload. Also what would be your price on the 54mm motor package (all 3 motors)?

    John Nelson

    Douglas Krohn

    In the interest of members saving a few bucks I would like to let NCR members know that I have the motor h/w for Contrail’s 75mm K777. I am willing to offer the h/w to anyone interested in using it. I will also be getting the bigger tank for the 75 mm Contrail Ls and Ms.


    Doug K

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