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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    OMG, I recognize that fixture. Z folds or taped bundles or carpenters chaining, whatever you want to call it, is like adding elasticity to an otherwise more rigid and finite length of shockcord.

    James Russell

    That is Z folding extreme! I remember that fixture. Doug likes making things to make things easier. I think he just likes making things. 🙂

    Bruce R. Schaefer

    Holy crud, Doug! No wonder your rockets always deploy perfectly. Bret, you couldn’t have had a better display.

    Doug Gerrard

    Since the pictures were taken, I have moved to masking tape instead of the electrical tape. I’m more lazy than environmental and cutting all those little pieces of tape was too much work. I got an automatic tape dispenser from McMaster that measures and cuts the pieces to the same length. It was kind of costly but saved a lot of time taping all those wraps. It is even battery operated for the field.


    Warren B. Musselman

    Exactly what I’m talking about – except that I wrap the packets in different # of layers – one packet with one layer, then 2, then 3, etc. That way they pull apart in the order I want to prevent tangling.



    Great thread! I just received an email that I am now a new TRA record holder for the H staged class, so I am trying to close in on Wilkes TRA holdings!


    Actually I went for the low-hanging fruit as there wasn’t a current H staged record. But this was my first staging attempt and it was a test bed for my I staged flight for which the 29mm 2 stage was designed. That flight went well but I lost tracking on the sustainer around apogee, charge probably blew the trackers (Sorry JW) antenna off. Still MIA.

    Doug K and I decided to go for 3 stages at BALLs this year -N-M-L, which in my opinion is the most appropriate place to really test stuff pushing the limits. Something happened on our initial Boost around the Mach transition and a couple loops later it was back on the playa. Only cracked the 4″ above the coupler so it is still flyable for my L3 attempt in May… We re-launched the 3 to 2 inch again at Balls and on our 2nd attempt got a successful hookup and hit around 34k feet with the 2″ and Mach 3. Our high temp auto enamel paint almost completely ablated.
    Each and every one of these launches I learned a ton, so even in failure you are progressing in the hobby. In my opinion if you want to push it seek advice of experienced rocketeers – many thanks to JW as he has been invaluable in gleaning his high alt experience – but the only way to truly figure things out is for yourself, albeit experienced advice is always appreciated. -Sean

    Bret Packard

    Congrats on the record Sean. That is super cool.

    Warren B. Musselman

    My congrats too Sean…


    And congrats to John Wilke whose I216 flight was officially recognized on the Tripoli record site, too.

    John A. Wilke

    And congrats to John Wilke whose I216 flight was officially recognized on the Tripoli record site, too.

    Thanks, Adrian – I see you poking around up there on I motors as well 😀

    I understand there is a new set of rules about to be published?

Viewing 10 posts - 71 through 80 (of 80 total)
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