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    Hi all,
    I used to be a member of the old phits about 5 years ago. I finally have the some money and time to get back into High Power Rocketry. I have some questions…

    For motor hardware: Cesseroni or Aerotech
    Should I join Tripoil or NAR?
    Any good starter rocket kits?

    I have about $200 to spend (although would like to be reserved)
    I have an Adept Alt-2 (If i can remember it right) and a Perfect flit miniAlt/WD.
    Can I buy motors onsight since I lack certification.

    I have flown a High power rocket before but under my Dad’s name. I would like to build a new one just for certification.

    I would love to certify sometime this summer and fly some of my old projects as well. Please let me know your thoughts.


    Hi Falcon,

    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    I would say go with the aerotech cases if those are your only two choices. They have more certified reloads, and a great visual appearance to all their motors. However, my personal favorite brand is AMW… if you have the ability to fly their loads they are the brand of choice in my opinion. They have 7 different propellant styles, plus very easy to use snap ring hardware.

    If you have any plans of making your own motors later (which isn’t just fun, but money saving as well), then I would suggest Tripoli. After you certify Level 2 and reach 21 years of age you’re allowed to fly home made motors at launches…. twice as satisfying as just assembling a reload IMO 😀

    We always have motors sold onsite at the major launches…. the smaller monthly ones are luck of the draw 😛

    Conway Stevens

    Hi Falcon, and welcome. I am curious as to who you (and your dad) are as my daughter and I flew with PHITS back then and was a founding member of NCR. Its always good to see and hear from familiar faces and names from then. Your Membership to a national organization will make all the difference depending on what you would like to do and possibly your age. I myself am a member of both NAR and TRA. I chose to do so that way I can help others in both groups for Certifying or whatever. Plus I like to do Research and only TRA supports it not NAR. Our club is designed for both as it is a combined TAR and NAR club. Besides just Aerotech and Ceseroni there is also Animal Motor works and Loki motors as well. AMW has become another favorite of many flyer’s. We do have AMW, CTI and AT vendors on site. To fly anything high power you would need to be certified for that level. As far as rocket kits there are tons out there best thing to do is browse the web for you favorites. As well as our onsite venders have some cool stuff as well.

    We look forward to seeing you and getting the chance to have you join us.


    My dad was Rob Stephens. My first Mid power launch was a 4-29ss. I am looking into certifying level one but may hold off on that for a year or so. I am going to look into animal works as the cesseroni engine selection seemed to be very limited.

    Tim Thomas

    8) Falcon, Welcome to the Fun!! If you have been out of the hobby for a few years, there are a few new rules and a ton of new stuff to bone -up on. I just a few weeks NCR will fly again, bring what you have and come on out. The club has several good solid on site vendors. Jim Amos sells AMW, John Skuba has Roadrunner motors and Coolstuff, Brian brings his Rocket Garden trailer around, and it is stuffed full of kits and all sorts of “I got to have that”. I sell for Giant Leap Rocketry. And don’t forget Joe Cowan at Hobby Town? There is a ton of great kits out there, I fly everybodys stuff. PML makes a ton of great kits for Level 1. Joe has a pile of great kits, go see him. As for motors, I love them all. I like the kind where the fire comes out the end! LOL 😯 Find something you like, build it , and lets fly it. It won’t be your last one. But most of all, have fun and welcome!

    Chris LaPanse

    Well, I prefer Aerotech, but there’s lots of great motors out there 🙂

    All brands of motors are good, and I’ll fly any of them.

    The rest is mostly personal preference too. I’d vote for Tripoli, but either one is fine if you’re looking to certify. I like PML kits too, but that’s just personal preference. BSD has some good stuff too for L1 cert.

    Welcome, though, and I can’t wait to see you out at the launches. The more the merrier 😀

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