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    Bruce R. Schaefer

    Could someone walk me through the steps to create a new .eng file for an L2375 motor? I seem to missing a step that imports the file I made. I have the data from Tim Thomas. Or, if anyone HAS the .eng file for the new CTI L2375 reload, PM me. Thanks!

    Ed Dawson

    Do you have a plot of the thrust, or the data points? If so, send me a copy and I can whip up the eng file.


    Bruce, I don’t know that motor – is it 75mm?

    Bruce R. Schaefer

    Bruce, I don’t know that motor – is it 75mm?

    I don’t know if it’s certifed yet; it’s a “new” Cesaroni, 75mm. Here’s the link Tim sent me:

    I’m going to use it to shakedown the Crimson Comet, before it’s painted. She’ll fly in primer as the Grey Ghost until it becomes the comet… hopefully not the 35 pound Crimson Meteorite!

    Ed, I sent you the RockSim files I made. If you will, you can get the thrust curve from the link above, and THANKS ahead of time. ūüėČ

    Bruce R. Schaefer

    JW, I can see why you asked about it. Won’t take much to get to 20k with it. Ed made the .eng file for me, and the L2375 will take this relatively big rocket higher than my L3 by about 600 feet or so. In a minimum diameter rocket… whoa!


    Make mine an L1115 8) A few more newts and over twice the burn time. Same casing, if I am not mistaken. The link above shows the certification has expired, might be worth checking on that?


    Warren B. Musselman

    I need a 3″ (75mm) L motor somewhere around 20″ long…. anybody have a recommendation?



    Warren, there are some TERRIFIC AMW motors in the 75mm/3500NS casing. The casing is 19.60″ long and they have all six propellants for that casing….

    Doug Gerrard

    And Aerotech’s 75mm 3840 case is 20.39 inches overall length and holds the L850W (3840 NS) or L1150R (3560NS).


    Tim Thomas

    8) The Pro 75 3gr. is around 19 1/2 in. long and the loads are the L800 classic and L1720 White Thunder. Both at 190.00 Mark L. launched his L1115 last month, awsome power and burntime! I think that the “L” motors are overlooked and under used in Rocketry today. There are many wonderful loads out there and in the 200.00 to 250.00 range, great bang for the buck. 2 months back in Utah, John Ericson fired his L3 bird on an L2375 White Thunder. Thunderous liftoff! And came within 80 ft. of his M1315 L3 launch. And a full 100.00 cheaper. Warren, the AMW 75-3500 line, very powerful. The L1080BB, L1060GG, L1111ST, and L777ST are in stock and at 180.00 a good price. The Areo Loads L850 and L1150R are also in stock also, around 200.00. The L850 is a long time standard. Anyone wanting more info? (sorry about the plug)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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