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    Just wondering if there will be nitrous at Oktoberfest? I’d like to fly the Ratt K240…

    Ed Dawson

    There is a bottle in the trailer, and I have a second full bottle I can bring if needed.

    There are no pre-requests other than yours, so we should have plenty with just the one in the trailer.


    Thanks, Ed. I have 3 reloads 🙂 I don’t plan on flying all of them, but I *might* go twice? see you out there. I’m coming out on Friday…. Early.

    Warren B. Musselman

    Now Ed, I said just the other day at the Cleanup Party that I was probably going to fly my Hypertek K240 – you and Joe were standing right there when I said it, just before I dove into the Hybrid Box.



    There will be lots of NOX. If I need 8#, I’d be shocked. I think the K240 takes more like 2.5#, and I’ll probably fly it once. I’m not even sure all the parts are here?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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