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    What type of GSE does NCR have? How interchangeable is it if someone wants to fly a RATT then Hypertek?



    Well the RATT system isnt to bad to set up to my knowledge but the hypertek is a pain. My dad and I tried to figure out the hypertek at but no joy.


    Edward, there have been a lot of RATT boosts at NCR. Much better batting average w/ RATT vs. HyperTEK, too…



    I think most of the GSE was re-wired/plumbed by Dale in June or July of last year. Is is designed to run Both the Ratt/SRS and HyperTEK setups. There is just more connections to make for the HyperTEK.

    I have to be honest I haven’t seen anyone launch a HyperTEK since with the new GSE, but I have launched my SRS engines.


    Warren B. Musselman

    I will totally dispute what John Wilke (IFlyRockets) says about RATT versus Hypertek motors.

    In my time with NCR (the last 3 years) there has never been a Hypertek failure – that includes all motors from J through M. However, that said, it does take some time to set up the Hypertek GSE – specifically the fill stem assembly – to the proper rail and spacing for your specific bird. If you’re not flying off a rail, you are SOL as the stem assembly does not mount to anything else.

    There is a contingent at NCR who believe that RATT motors are superior to Hypertek, but I’m not one of them. Hypertek motors are a gas and not at all difficult to fly – no more difficult than RATT except for mounting the fill stem to the rail. I have 3 Hypertek motors and love ’em.

    Our GSE will support ANY hybrid currently on the market. The key is to contact myself or Ed Dawson (equipment gurus this year) and make prior arrangements so we can be sure to have the Nitrous tank full and all the proper spare parts handy. (consumable fill hose for RATT type motors and ignition wire for Hyperteks)



    I will totally dispute what John Wilke (IFlyRockets) says about RATT versus Hypertek motors. Warren

    I have seen exactly zero RATTs or SkyRippers fail to fly over the last 2-3 years. I can immediately think of *four* HyperTEKS that did not leave the pad.

    Over the years, I’ve personaly flown 4 Ratt L/Ms, 6 Ratt K240s, and one or two SRS shots. All lit successfully. I’ve seen others use SRS with little or no issue.

    I can tell you of one experienced flyer who had HyperTEK problems on three straight shots. All three came off the pad, were taken apart, etc.

    Can you name a single solitary failure of a RATT or SRS shot? I cannot. Elvis and Beggs have both had problematic attempts with H-TEK. Beggs is one of the most experienced HyperTEK users on the planet. I’ve seen him take stuff off the pad because he couldn’t get it lit.


    Warren B. Musselman

    You’ve seen more hybrid flights than I have John – that’s for sure. All I know is that all of my Hypertek flights ignited cleanly and flew well. Bill Beggs had several very nice M flights and only one occasion where he had either fill or ignition problems on an attempted L flight that never came off. He did have one of his M’s early deploy about 500′ off the pad and partially shred, but that was an altimeter anomaly and not motor related.

    All in all I think it is 6 of one and half dozen of another. Both types of motors work and can work well if you pay attention to the details – of which there are more than merely stuffing an AP motor in your bird.


    I hear you. The boogeyman for Elvis has been the HyperTEK L… he told me recently he was 1 out of 4 with that configuration. We’ve had wonderful luck w/ the Ratts and SRS stuff over the years.

    I have a fully prepped RATT M900 that has been riding around in my rig for over six months…. Went to Black Rock and back, never flown. I’m going to try to fly that sucker at MHM. I might oughtta take that sucker apart and change out igniters, etc….

    The new SRS 54s look pretty good!


    Ed Dawson

    Yes, I think the 54mm K257 would be a lot of fun to try.

    Almost as fun as a 54/440cc from Alpha!


    There might be a slight chance at MHM I’ll have some 54mm SRS hardware for people to try out….


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