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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Passing along info I received:
    >>My name is Curt Hughes and in 1965 Francis Graham and I co-founded the
    >> original Tripoli Rocketry Association. I currently live in Colorado
    >> Springs but am planning to move to Tucson soon. I have two high power
    >> rockets built by my friends Chris Pearson and Tom Blazanin that have never
    >> flown that I would like to sell before I move. One is a “Fat Man” and the
    >> other a Hyperloc 1600, originally designed to be flown with a hybrid
    >> motor, but I gave the motor to Chris. I believe both are set up for 75mm
    >> motors. I thought you might be able to spread the word amongst your
    >> members and have anyone interested in them contact me. i am selling them
    >> for next to nothing as I know I probably will never fly them and would
    >> like to see someone local obtain them.
    >> I haven’t flown a high power rocket since LDRS VI and have been inactive
    >> for many years but I am a life member of Tripoli. Anyway, if you would be
    >> so kind as to let any of your members know about the two models, I would
    >> very much appreciate it.
    >> Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have
    >> any questions.

    Interested? Contact Curt directly –

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