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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Okay, back from LDRS XXX and now trying to get Vanna cleaned up and organized for NCR’s club launch September 10 and 11. Looking for trailer tow help and range operators, including Fire Watch and Oktoberfest planners.
    Still working out details for equipment cleanup and prep party for Oktoberfest – days are quickly passing. Suggestions?

    Please let me know who’s available for this weekend. Thanks.

    Warren B. Musselman

    If Ed is unavailable, my place is ALWAYS available for equipment maintenance and cleanup. Consider that a given, though given my out of the way location it may not be viable. I also no longer have a viable tow vehicle.

    That said, I plan on being out to the launch this weekend and I might even fly something. I can certainly LCO for a while at least.



    I do not believe I can tow this weekend, my wife said she will come with me and getting her up and out the door by 8 is really going to be a challenge. Then I do not know if I can be back on Sunday to take it home.
    As far as equipment clean-up, what all is involved; some details please? I am thinking that since I live in Wellington, I am relatively close to the trailer, and to get it to and fro, but I do not want to get my wife out of sorts in the process, so if I could explain it to her and let her know what to expect, I might be able to host this event. Can anyone help with those details? ūüė≥

    Ed Dawson

    Hey all,

    Sorry for the late planning….

    Right now I’m thinking of a cleaning day either the afternoon of Saturday the 17th, or Sunday morning the 18th.

    Give me a day or so to lock it in and I’ll post the date and time.



    I plan on towing TO for the Sept 10/11 launch

    also will help set-up and tear down

    Kenneth Reilly

    Sign me up for towing back on Sunday unless the spot’s already filled.

    Ed Dawson


    Your signed up! Thanks a million.


    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Huge thanks to our esteemed volunteers for jumping in. Details for a cleanup/prep party will follow soon as to when and where but basically it’s an emptying of the trailer – organizing, charging batteries, charging fire extinguishers, fixing items, cleaning rods and rails and pads, making sure we’ve got what we’ll need to host an outstanding event for Oktoberfest.

    Ideally, a few hours of sweat equity and a few punch list items later, we’re ready to rock[et] Oktoberber skies with lots of holes.

    Registration and operation of the range happens with vol nteers – what’s missing is U.

    Art Hoag

    Hope you guys have fun this weekend, I am off to do a cross country flight for my commercial license up to northern Wyoming. I do plan on being at Oktoberfest though.

    Steve Jensen

    Set up is at 8:30 – 9:00 AM?


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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