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    mike hacker

    I am working on the design and implementation of a “train” of 3 parachutes.
    “Trained means 3 chutes stacked on top of each other, largest, thru smallests vertically. I have a 36″, a 30″ and a 24″ chutes attached to a common riser.
    Like a japanese Pagoda.
    I have the riser going thru the center of the bottom chute (36″) thru the center of the middle chute (30″), terminating with the top chute (24″).
    I have the chutes seperated by the diameter of the chutes.
    i have deployment socks for each chute. I was thinking I may be better off having only one deployment sock with all 3 chutes in it. Also I was wondering about a deployment tube instead of a sock.
    Has anyone tried anything similar, looking for advice and suggestions.
    This is a 4″ Dia 45” long rocket with a H,I or J motor hopefully.
    All advice welcome

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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