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    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    Anyone else drooling over this news? Might be worth another look at the hybrid GSE. I could probably be persuaded to invest the energy to find my hypertek tank. And I know there are a few others out there wondering when they’ll get to fly theirs.


    That does seem to be a helluvadeal, but I noticed that it does NOT include the Hypertek tanks. Any idea what THEY run, and I assume that the volume of the tank dictates what impulse range you’re in.

    How are these motors mounted, if the tank is a larger OD than the motor hardware? I’m building a 3″ with 54mm mount, and if I can make it compatible with “non-monotube” hybrids, what do I have to do special?



    These hybrids are mainly aimed at the people who have invested in the Hypertek system and want another option to fly. The basic Hypertek setup was a tank that connected to a plastic disposable fuel grain. The Trojan setup you replace that plastic disposable fuel grain with an aluminum case that you can put reloads into.

    If you are just getting into hybrids and don’t have the tanks I wouldn’t recommend Trojans. The one main reason is the weight of the tanks. The tanks weigh much more for the volume they can hold vs a standard mono-tube tank. I believe the 440cc tanks weigh 1.1 lbs. The same length of 54mm tubing that would enclose 440cc weighs much less than that. Also these motors also have a vent, just like monotubes. When you ran them with Hypertek the plastic fuel grain didn’t weigh nearly as much as a case, fuel grain and nozzle on this system.

    That being said about the weight of the tanks – my hybrids use tanks very similar to this, but the one difference is that you can pre-fill them and they are not vented.

    I looked up the prices for the tanks from Hypertek and the 440cc is $44 and the 835cc is $66. I don’t know who stocks them but last I saw Tom was buying up a bunch of them for testing. Some are hard to find.

    These tanks are smaller in diameter than 54mm – they are 2.00″ OD. They work just like any other motor – you slide it an and retain it. You’ll just have to drill another location for a vent.

    Again, in my opinion if you don’t have the Hypertek tanks already it really isn’t worth it – just invest in 54mm system – my recommendation for 54mm monotube is the 54mm SRS system.


    Conway Stevens

    I would have to agree here with Edward.. Sky Ripper is a way better way to go. That is until Edward gets his all up and running!!

    Jeffrey Joe Hinton

    I’m still partial to the RATT motors but only because I’ve still got a reload or two waiting to be flown. The RATT K240 is a screaming banshee of a load and the M900 is no slouch. There’s also a pretty nice L in between. I’m not really a gas passer yet but am leaning that way or this way, depending on who’s up or downwind.


    RATT and SkyRipper are indeed awesome. Incredibly easy to assemble and clean. The K240 has the most unique sonic feature I have ever heard. The M900 has 12 second burn. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, I don’t know what would! The M reload is something like $85.

    From what I know of Edward’s efforts, it sounds like that is the best of all worlds. It is good to have innovators and key resources like that in the group!

    Dave Tjarks

    I’m really liking the Skyripper experience. Easy to work with, quick to build and best of all – you can’t regulate plastic. 😀

    Rob Piotrowski

    I am waiting for Edward to complete his system also. Then I will invest in another motor system.

    I am wholly disappointed in Aerotech, so much so I have not purchased any of their motor products because of the treatment and stories I get about bringing back the hybrid motor product.

    I have seen Edwards system and I am excited to get to fly hybrids again.

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