2018-04 Club Launch

Dubious start Saturday morning. A good three to four inches of moisture on the ground, heavy cloud cover and only about 20 degrees. But incredibly, a fair number of folks believing conditions would improve. Lots of time standing around, reviewing options and discussing a little bit of everything before we started to unload the trailer and get the range set up. By 11:30, we we’re flying high into clear skies and with slightly warmer temps. 20 different flyers launched a total of 40 flights ( 16 Class One, 24 Class Two), including the Team from CSU testing air brakes for their ESRA IREC (Experimental Sounding Rockets Association’s Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition) Spaceport America Cup launch in June, a Team from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga attempting to set a new I class multi-staged altitude record (great flight but well short of current record), two members seeking High Power Certification flights, John Jamieson’s all time best altitude flight to 14, 334′ and there were even calm enough winds for Vic to launch his RC controlled rocket boosted glider for a marvelous flight and beautifully executed soft landing.

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