2,020 Altitude Limit Contest

Entry Information

Entry Fee: $5 per flight (no limit on number of flights)

Make sure to declare your flight as “2,020 Contest” flight prior to launch.

Remember to record your flight’s altitude on your flight card.

Deposit your entry fees with the club’s Contest Director (Brad Morse).


Build and fly a model rocket that will reach as close to 2,020 feet AGL without going over.


Build Constraints

The rocket must be stable and constructed with materials approved by NAR or Tripoli, you may also use a kit.

Tie Breakers

  • Lowest motor impulse
  • Least number of attempted flights


Cash prizes for First and Second place will be a % of the entry fees collected.

First Place: 70% of entry fees.

Second Place: 30% of entry fees.

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Vehicles must remain on approved/maintained roadways.  Driving on the Pawnee Grasslands is not allowed during any NCR sanctioned activity.