Launch Log System Update 2020

New launch log system updates are underway.  Here are some of the highlights.

Launch Logs

What’s New

Flights and Flyers

The number of unique flyers has been added to the by-month charts.

Speed Demon

The fastest flight.  This new leaderboard applies to flight data beginning in 2020.  Historical flight data did not record speed as a separate field, the chart is not available for events prior to 2020.

Powder Keg

Bonfire for Black Powder.  Total mass = sum(motor_weight) for Black Powder motors only. 


Chart Updates

Many of the charts have been updated to include additional information, such as the number of flights, or the number of motors that contributed to an individual rank on a given leaderboard.

Now you can see more detail, for example, in 2013 the bonfire was won with just 4 motors!


Behind the Scenes

A large amount of the work that went in to the site over the last month was to improve the flight card record entry screen(s).  These pages are only available to the club president and a handful of other individuals.

Flight Card Entry

A listing of all flights for a given launch are available to the administrator to provide a reference of what cards have already been entered.  This new feature also provides a delete option.
Flyer name selection from known-flyer database, or enter new flyer name, membership status and cert level.
Ability to update flyer information.
Rocket information and cert-flight detail.
Motor configuration for the flight includes single motor, clustered, and multi-staged flights.  The motor database is supported by
Recovery and flyer comment.
Flight data and launch notes.


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